ATV Use in Nobleton


ATV use is becoming a growing issue in Nobleton. Thanks to the many residents that have already contacted me sharing their concerns. This is a serious matter — we are currently taking steps to curb this dangerous activity.

Use of an ATV on anything other than private property is prohibited in York Region. York Regional Police have also informed me that charges can be laid under the Highway Traffic Act.

YRP and the Township are working together to collect information for the purpose of taking effective action. I encourage all residents to report concerns using the YRP community concerns page here:

When submitting your concern, please include as many details as possible, such as incident times and description of the ATV and driver — and any address details you may have of the parties believed to be driving the ATVs. Your input is appreciated and valuable. The more info you provide, the more effective we can be.

Our intention is to visit the parents/kids with the YRP and explain the rules and potential consequences for their actions. The Township will be issuing further information soon. Please spread the word that ATV use in Nobleton is a violation of our current by-laws and help to identify the parties involved.


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