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Council Meeting Recap: February 23, 2015

Nobleton servicing was a hot topic at the King Township Council Meeting this week. A by-law was passed that will continue to reserve 38 sewer and water allocations for the Tomlinson Garden site (Nobleton Truck Wreckers). The services will be reserved until Sept 30th, 2015. The applicant has secured a species risk assessment and continues to clean up the site. Once all the conditions are met — the 38 allocations should provide enough servicing to allow the builder to begin construction of a first phase.  I know that many residents are eager to see this area of town cleaned up and for this project to get underway.

Ainley Group has been awarded the design contract for Phase 2 of the Nobleton Sanitary Sewer Project. I had questions due to the fact that Ainley was not the lowest bidder. They were however, the second lowest bid and scored the highest mark when evaluated on a technical basis. The technical evaluation was based on an understanding of the works and took into consideration the amount of work hours estimated to be spent on the project.

I also questioned why the bids received were substantially higher than the amount forecasted during the budget process. Staff looked into this matter further and reported that the design estimates were in line with the cost of the Phase 1 design. There were timelines given in the tender and the cost of acceleration of the design was deemed to be marginal. The design cost for the Nobleview Drive portion were also in line with the original estimate.

It’s no secret that the sewer situation is an ongoing hot button issue in Nobleton. I’ve always stressed that we must make it a priority to provide answers to our residents’ concerns and questions. Forging ahead with the Phase 2 design work comes with its own set of benefits. Mainly, it allows us to offer more succinct information – such as timelines and forecasting the cost for the Nobleton residents that will be affected. Being design ready also puts us in a better position to apply for grant monies and explore other avenues to reduce costs. The current cost projected for Phase 2 of the sewers is just over $37,000 per household. Other alternatives need to be examined to reduce the financial impact to the home owner.



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