Council Meeting, 03/23/15


King Township Council Meeting, March 23, 2015:

Our full agenda resulted in a packed house and a lengthy night in the Council chambers.

Condor Properties held the first public hearing regarding the proposed plaza development at 191 MacTaggart Drive in Nobleton. The initial design of the plaza was not well-received by both Council and the public. The 40,000 sq. ft. design wasn’t  compatible to what most would expect to see in our town. There were a number of questions concerning the effect on traffic and over-all size of the building.  Also of significance: the suggested underground parking, garbage storage, general layout of the parking lots and noise levels were also discussed.

The plaza would require many changes to the existing zoning by-laws, some of which is to be anticipated because our current zoning by-laws are outdated. As many of you may know, the Township is in the process of reviewing the zoning by-laws for Nobleton. The updated Nobleton zoning by-laws will serve as the framework to revise zoning for King City and Schomberg. Zoning by-laws regulate what can go where, residential and commercial zones and what type of homes or businesses can be constructed within those zones. Zoning by-laws can also help protect the existing structure of a subdivision and define the parameters on how some areas may be intensified — maximum lots coverage, setbacks and more.

Nobleton Urban Area Zoning By-Law Review (more info)

Planning Department Public Meeting Report to Council, March 23, 2015:

Condor Properties was sent back to the drawing board.

The Township is also going through the process of updating our Official Plan. This is a very interesting process and Council received a presentation on how Regional and Provincial legislation applies to the creation of our Plan. The same presentation was delivered at the community open houses. The Official Plan covers everything from how we account projected population and employment growth to protecting our Green Space and transportation. These documents are valuable resources of information – essential reading for anyone who is interested in the shape of King’s future.

Growth Numbers for Nobleton

  • 2021 – 7100
  • 2031 – 9600

Additional info:

This spring we will see activity on the Brown Lands at Highway 27 and Norman, the former site of the Beaver Gas Station. Council approved the plans for a three unit plaza. The plaza will be home to two existing Nobleton-based businesses and have proposed RBC as a third tenant. It will be nice to see this part of town that so many consider an eyesore finally cleaned up.

More details:

I’ve had the good fortune to Chair the last two Council meetings. It has been an enjoyable learning opportunity.

And, finally – our Council meeting this week started off on a most positive, uplifting note:

Via the Sustainable King Facebook Page

At last night’s Council meeting, Council and staff presented the Eveson family with $7,500 – part of the proceeds from the ‘We Believe in Abby’ Support Raffle held earlier this year. A $5,000 cheque was also presented to Sick Kids (Cardiac Unit).

Abby was born with a rare congenital heart defect that severely limits the blood flow to her lungs. She had her third open-heart surgery in November 2014 and has shown tremendous strength. Her parents, friends and family have been performing random acts of kindness to create positive energy for Abby on her journey to get better.

Abby and her big brother Charlie were all smiles last night and there wasn’t a dry eye in the Council Chambers! This little superhero and her incredible family have brought a community together and touched the hearts of so many.

Abby1 Abby2


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  1. Great coverage David — glad to have you keep us well informed with important information related to Nobleton…keep up the great work!

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