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I would like to share this information with you via The Nobleton and King City Garden Club…please consider the following and spread the word! There are a wealth of beautiful home gardens in King Township:

flowers-709652_640Urgent Request from the Nobleton/King City Garden Club

Many of us have enjoyed the many annual Garden tours organized by both of King’s Garden Clubs.

Unfortunately, one of them is in serious danger of being cancelled this year unless residents step up and share their gardens.

The Nobleton/King City Garden Club is urgently seeking residents who are willing to share their gardens with the community on Sunday July 12 from 10 am to 4 pm.  We understand that the recent ice storm left some gardens and trees decimated, that some folks do not like the idea of competition, that others think that gardens and lawns must look “perfect” in order to be on the tour and that only magnificent estates are worthy of selection.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  First of all, there no longer will be any competition.  Many gardens have recovered from the ice storm and there is no reason for anyone to present a “Better Homes and Gardens photo-ready garden!”

Gardens are always a work in progress and weeds are a fact of life.  In fact, the pollinators, butterflies and bees etc really need some of them!  Are you planting some vegetables this year?  Do you love your paradise of a garden, large or small?  Are you creating a garden for your new home near King City or Nobleton?  Would you be willing to share your garden with your King neighbours?  You do not need to be present during the day and a club member will be in the garden to help with parking, tickets and questions.   Please consider the joy you could bring to others by making the tour possible.

The tour is the Club’s major fundraising activity and raises more that 70% of its annual income to fund speakers and tree plantings etc.  If we do not obtain 5-6 gardens by May 15, then the tour will be cancelled.  For more information please call Blair Day at 905-833- 5173 or Lorraine Feast at 905-857-0321.  Thank you so much for your consideration!  Happy gardening!


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