I am very enthusiastic about what’s in store for Nobleton and Laskay in the next term of Council. To give you some highlights, here is a shortlist of priority projects I would love to have the opportunity to help fulfill for our community:

Road reconstruction and infrastructure investments: Plans are underway to reconstruct the 15th Side Road between the 10th and 8th Concession, as well as the 10th and 8th Concessions south from the 15th connecting to King Road. This extensive project will be a meaningful improvement to our auxiliary road network and also provide pedestrian and bike access for improved connectivity, and better-quality access to our trail network. The designs also include conduits for broadband access.

Parks: Phase One of Tasca Park was a huge success and fabulous addition to the community! It was a privilege to be part of the design process and opening of Tasca. Plans for Phase Two of Tasca Park will soon be underway. I look forward to working with the community to prioritize needs and wants for Phase Two and completing this award-winning park. I’m also eager to see through the development and opening of the Alf Budweth neighbourhood park in the Tribute Development and look forward to getting started on Ross Kennedy Park in the new Fandor site. Equally exciting is the up-and-coming Laskay public art installation and park revitalization.

With over 20 years’ experience in emergency services, I am committed to, and appreciate the value of, safety in our neighbourhoods. There is nothing more important than feeling safe in our homes and on our streets. I will continue to advocate for traffic calmed neighbourhoods and a Township wide traffic calming strategy.

I have developed a number of vital relationships during this past term of Council in order to advocate for our community’s needs and concerns. For example, broadband internet is certainly a necessity and priority in our Ward. I am determined to further strengthen and build the partnership with both the provincial and federal levels of government, York Region and private industry to advance Ward Two wide broadband internet access.

Also noteworthy, King Township’s new Official Plan is nearing completion. I look forward to ensuring that our guiding documents include provisions that will protect the look and feel of our existing neighbourhoods and accommodate seniors who may want to eventually down size or move into the area to be closer to family. I am grateful for the experience to have worked with so many residents on these documents -– and will continue to express the desires and needs of the community and shared vision for the future of our villages.

These are a just a few of the items I would be dedicated to during a second term of Council –- we are just getting started! My commitment to you is to listen, to understand, and to represent your needs. For the past four years, I have worked daily to improve and advance our community. This is a role I embrace with great enthusiasm and positivity.

I am also involved in the community in a number of ways — coaching hockey, contributing to King’s Sustainability Committee, participating in our local men’s hockey and baseball leagues and volunteering at school and church events. I have accumulated over two decades of volunteer service with King Fire and Emergency Services, a role that I am grateful for, that began with the Nobleton Ambulance Service in 1998.

Our community has so much to offer: it is a pleasure and privilege to be a part of so many wonderful King events and interacting with community organizations and businesses. My greatest wish as a parent is to continue to lay the roots and foundation so that my children may one day, choose Nobleton or surrounding area to be the place where they raise their families.

Please reach out anytime. I look forward to meeting you for coffee or whatever works best for you.

I am available, approachable, and eager to continue the momentum by delivering authentic, passionate leadership for Ward Two.

David Boyd

d.boyd@rogers.com | 647-529-8597

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Councillor David Boyd: Term One Highlights

The following list is a snapshot of several significant projects and initiatives that we were able to accomplish for the benefit of our community:

  • Design and construction of Tasca Park
  • Upgrades to Davis Park Trail
  • New Nobleton pool house and pool revitalization
  • Nobleton Arena upgrades and parking lot resurfacing
  • Nobleton tennis courts reconstruction and resurfacing
  • Nobleton Lions Park revitalization, ball diamond, pavilion and play ground
  • Laskay Hall revitalization
  • Laskay Park upgrades (upcoming)
  • Laskay public art installation (upcoming)
  • Chip and tar resurfacing 8th Concession
  • Reconstruction design 10th Concession to 15th Concession to Hwy 27
  • Reconstruction design 15th Concession to 8th Concession 8th to King Road
  • Regional partnership intersection improvements to King Road and Highway 27, including streetscaping and new sidewalks in the Nobleton core
  • New trail 15th to Cold Creek (upcoming)
  • Signalized crossing at Parkheights and West Coast (at Tasca Park)
  • Signalized crossing at Middlehead and Parkheights
  • Phase Two Sewers complete design
  • Project construction of Phase Two Areas 1 and 2a currently underway
  • New Nobleton Zoning By-Law
  • Increased the number of Defibrillators in King Township
  • Thriving community events (Victoria Day, Tree Lighting and more)