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Ward Two Councillor: Nobleton – Laskay

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WARD TWO COUNCILLOR: Nobleton – Laskay

I embraced the motto, “Be a part of it” during my 2014 campaign for Ward Two Nobleton – Laskay Councillor.

Why? Because it was evident that there was a “disconnect” in our community.

Residents wanted more communication and involvement from their council representative. Our community had grown and was growing — it was time for a new voice and mindset.

I knew I could provide the type of leadership that would help pull our community together and respect our small town values, while providing a welcoming environment in which new families could engage, thrive and raise their children.

Since being elected I have been committed to building partnerships and working collaboratively with my fellow members of Council, Staff, advisory boards, service clubs and community stake holders to enhance and improve our villages.

The approach has been working. Together we have been building parks, upgrading our buildings and investing in infrastructure.

Our community has come together in many ways with growing events, enhancements to programing, and community-driven environmental initiatives.

King Township is, and will always be a defining part of who I am — it is an honour to be your representative. I am proud of what we have achieved, and excited for what is to come.

It’s great to be a part of it with you. 

From David

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Commitment. Collaboration. Communication.

We have accomplished many things as a council and community in the last four years. I am excited and committed to carry it forward to 2022. 

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